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Learn, build, transform, thrive.

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8th Fire Innovations

Welcome to 8th Fire Innovations, where we have been igniting a revolution in construction since 2011. Our journey begins with a passionate commitment to transform the way we build, so all may thrive. 


Our mission is driven by a deep sense of responsibility to the well-being of humanity & our planet as a whole. We believe in nurturing an eternal fire of peace, love, brotherhood, and sisterhood.

We are determined to be the change we want to see in the world. Our community is vibrant, diverse, and committed to making a difference.

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Our team brings tens of thousands of hours of experience in R&D, diversified building systems, smooth project coordination and established quality material sources to ensure construction on the cutting edge of a rapidly developing industry.

Our founder
Dion Lefebvre

Dion has been instrumental in the development of the hempcrete industry. Over a decade ago, Dion designed and built the world’s first mobile hempcrete home, and was the lead consultant & contractor for Alberta Canada's first code inspected      commercial hempcrete project. Our founder also designed the first hempcrete block that fits easily into standardised North American 2x framing. 


Dion's work is recognised internationally and he has been featured in hemp-related books, blogs and magazines such as High Times and Hempbuild. Due to his extensive experience and knowledge, Dion is regularly invited to present at hemp events around the world. His ability to adapt to the ever-changing industry ensures that 8th fires offerings are both current, and world class.

8th Fire awards

The 8th fire was a lead in team Hempshires win in Calgary Alberta, at Canada's first microhome competition in 2018.

The objective was Design and build a <109sq ft home in four and a half months, points were given for:

Energy efficiency. - Sustainability .-Reproducibility. - Style-Portability. - Function- Project Portfolio.


The mission was to showcase sustainable and attainable housing solutions,  -an issue that the 8th fire takes seriously.... Our founder Dion Lefebvre jumped at the opportunity, and brought together the "Greatest tiny house team ever assembled".  Along with other hemp industry leaders, community volunteers, and sponsors, the 8th fire set out to make some history.

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Our projects

Over a decade of quality hempcrete construction experience 


Happy customers

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Sage Tozeland

Ericksdale Manitoba

8th Fire Innovations made my dream of a hempcrete home come true. Dion’s expertise helped throughout all stages of the build from planning to completion.  The workshop was informative and educational, the process of packing the walls was labor intensive, but well worth it and the crew maintained their joy and passion for their work throughout.

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