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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

8th Fire Innovations designed and built the first hempcrete home in Alberta Canada,  the first mobile hempcrete home in the world, and the world's first precast block designed to integrate into standardized framing.  Trust your project or product development to 8th fire's commitment to quality and excellence.

Divita Block.jpg

Precast hempcrete "Blocks"

8th Fire Innovations is a certified supplier & installer of Divita Hemp Blocks.   Divita, is a customizable block system designed to fit and retrofit into conventional 16" on center framing.   For new construction or for renovations,  the 8th fire can meet the demand for your precast hempcrete

Precast Hempcrete

Cast in place

The 8th fire team can provide design support, material supply, consulting, training, and contracting services for cast in place installations.  The 8th fire also has specialized mixing equipment (for purchase or rent) to help make your hempcrete dreams a reality.

Cast in place 8th fire innovation.jpeg
Cast in place

Plastering and finishing

We offer unique, customized plaster finish training, and services.  Whether it's clay or lime plaster finishing, contact the 8th fire team to discuss your project with one of our plaster artisans today.

Plasterng and finishing

Products, supplies, equipment.

From carefully selected hemp hurd, lime and various binders, to pre-cast hempcrete blocks, we've got you covered!

From specialized hempcrete mixing tools to general construction machinery, we provide access to the equipment you need to execute your project successfully.

Hempcrete supplies.jpeg
Product Supplies
Dion 4.jpg


The 8th fire is your 'go to' for hemp related consulting services.   We offer educational platforms, and provide consulting for your hemp based interests or business.  Get industry pioneers on your team!  Our innovation consultants are here to help with your profesional outlook, development targets, and supply chain needs.


Hempcrete spray

A leader in innovation, the 8th fire offers the latest in hemp building technology.  Ask our experts about hempcrete spray options today.

Photo credit to Damien Baumer & Ereasy-(France).jpeg
Hempcrete Spray
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