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The Building System that Adapts:
Custom Building made Easy

Not just transformative, transformable!

Welcome to the heart of Divita Block, where innovation meets sustainability. 


Our proprietary hempcrete block system is the cornerstone to efficient and effective green building.


Whether you're a Homeowner, an Entrepreneur, or a skilled professional, Divita Block is ready to build you a greater quality of life.


Localized Production is a major factor in creating a truly sustainable world, which is why we offer white-label manufacturing opportunities across the globe.

Affiliated program

Divita Block is the first hempcrete block system that integrates into conventional framing.  Our unique decentralized affiliate program offers local opportunities & solutions to global problems.  Divita is licensing regional affiliates to partner in building an industry wide network; developing sales, manufacturing and installation of precast hempcrete to minimize our carbon footprint and dependency of global supply chains. This unique and sustainable business model is designed to support local farming, economies, and industries.  

We look forward to working with you to develop this global initiative, and future innovations that meet the challenges of our evolving world.

Divita will be constantly upgrading system processes with better ways to assist all our affiliates through advancements in automation technology, supply chain management, training, sales, branding, marketing support, and opportunities from our innovation department at 8th Fire.  Our affiliated members will benefit from a combined purchasing power, meeting the needs fof the hempcrete industry, and your target market.

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Certified installer

The Divita team is dedicated to providing ethical and resilient products. The travel and accommodation costs of a specialized installation crew often creates a barrier for many to afford hempcrete. The most obvious solution is a localized installation platform that integrates the skills and experiences of existing trades. 

By becoming a Certified Installer you will have access to the Divita block supply chain with preferred access & wholesale pricing.

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Your living environment


Divita is the first hempcrete block system that integrates into conventional framing to streamlines construction. It enhances the strength, longevity, safety, and health of your living environment. The Divita Block replaces unbreathable drywall, insulation, exterior boarding, house wrap, siding, caulk and paint.  If you are looking to build a healthy, safe and cozy space, The Divita Block system is the perfect product to consider for your upcoming build or renovation.

Blocks workshops and clinics

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We invite you to participate in one of our end-to-end building events. Create and contribute to a meaningful project and we’ll celebrate the fruits of our labour together.

Designed to build your confidence, expand your knowledge, and develop your talent, you can count on the inspiration and motivation that transpires. 

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newcomer to sustainable living, our workshops are designed to equip you with the expertise you need. Learn, build, and grow with us.

Advance your green building evolution, it’s time for you to flourish. We’re stoked to be part of your journey

Hempcrete Blocks FAQs

Are Divita Blocks suitable for Residential and Commercial Construction?

Yes, Divita Blocks are versatile and suitable for both residential and commercial applications, providing a sustainable solution for a variety of building projects.

Are Divita Blocks Available Internationally?

Yes! Because Divita Blocks are specifically designed for standarized North American 2x construction, we proudly service all of North America. We also have pre-cast hempcrete solutions for outside of North America. Please contact us for more information.

How do I start my own Production of Divita Blocks?

We offer a graduated training and support system that promotes a de-centralized business model. Our unique and versatile production system can start off small and be scaled up quickly to meet your local demand.

What Framing Configurations does Divita Block Accomodate?

Divita Blocks seamlessly integrate into 2x4 and 2x6 - 16" on centre framing. Our versatile blocks can be installed independently, or in combination to encase the framing completely from both sides. 

What makes Divita Block Different from other Pre-formed Hempcrete Options?

Rather than designing a new building style, Divita Blocks were developed to be easily integrated into standardized North American 2x framing. This streamlines both the design and engineering stages. Our blocks also speed the permitting process, and will help simplify your entire build!

How do I Install Divita Blocks around Plumbing and Electrical?

Hempcrete blocks are easily modified to fit around any existing obstacles, including all plumbing and electrical. 

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