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8th Fire


A great place to learn

The 8th fire is stoked for the 2019 workshop events,  Learn how to build your own hempcrete dream home, design a tiny house, or wire a solar PV system.  Come learn from the experts at the Hempshire Demonstration Village.


At this event you will understand all the principles of hempcrete construction:  foundation. structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and envelope.   You will learn a variety of hempcrete mixes formulated for different applications.  You will get plenty of hands on  experience as we explore prefabricated elements with Just Bio Fibre bricks,  experience a real construction project, ((and)) make your own take home hempcrete brick!!   ....We will have time to briefly touch on design and plastering....however, this part of the event will be packed with hempcrete! : )


We have a featured guest presentation by hemp science guru Peter Zuurdeeg, and Just Bio Fibre  

The entire event will be held at the Hempshire Demonstration Village - home of the "108M" & the "Micro Project" (Alberta's first hempcrete home).  Continental breakfast, local/ organic lunches, and wholesome snacks will be served.  You will enjoy Alberta hospitality on the northern edge of Alberta's prairies & the southern tip of Canada's boreal forest.  You can expect a nice balance of classroom education and hands on coaching, complete with great food, great company, and evening socials by the camp fire.




Hempcrete / June 7-9 2019

Comprehensive / June 7-16


Whether you are a farmer growing hemp, an experienced contractor, an eco-warrior, tiny home enthusiast, sovereign builder, or planning a home,  this is the comprehensive hands-on course for you! It will cover everything that you will need to take on your own hempcrete project with confidence.   


This three part series dives right into the middle of the story like any great trilogy does, (Think Star Wars)    At this event you will understand the fundamental principles of hempcrete construction:  foundation. structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and envelope.   You will learn different hempcrete mixes formulated for different applications,  you get hands on experience as we explore prefabricated elements with Bio Fibre bricks,  experience a real construction setting,  & making your own hempcrete brick to take home!!   ....Of course, we will still touch briefly on design and plastering.... but this part of the event will be action packed with hempcrete.   (Cob)... just like in the opening scenes of a new hope. ; )

Featuring guest presentations by science guru Peter Zuurdeeg of Go Green. 

 In the Passive and tiny home design chapter, we will take a step back.    This section will have a special focus on the principles of thermal mass, and how a proper home design plan will add significant cost savings and comfort throughout the home's lifespan.  We will explore other sustainable building options such as straw bale, and rammed earth, with a special focus of hempcrete & tiny homes! - two things the 8th fire is best known for... 

 With guest presentation by nation wide tiny home workshop host Kenton Zerbin!!

Plastering and finishing will be all that is needed to help you finish your project with an artistic and natural flare. you'll learn to use natural lime based plasters, hemp oil stains, and you will be introduced to lime, magnesium, and clay based finishing materials.  you will also learn how to add color and 3D  artwork to your home or project. 


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