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Just Bio Fibre 


Just BioFiber Structural Solutions is an innovative group of very experienced people who choose to make the environment and sustainability the focus of our efforts. As concerned individuals, we make choices that reduce our carbon footprint, but together we can lead change in an industry that will significantly reduce and sequester carbon dioxide emissions globally. The patented design of a structural BioFiber modular building system is what we are developing and introducing into the existing building materials marketplace. The Just BioFiber block offers significant benefits to builders, architects, engineers and most importantly building and home owners.


8th Fire Innovations

As a leader in hempcete technology and innovation, Its the 8th fire's primary mission to provide the best options in safe and efficient housing.  The ethics behind the JBF vision,  and the materials they produce match our principles.

Bio Fibre technology allows for convenience and speed for our hempcrete clients, and doesn't compromise in quality, or value.    We are proud to team up to offer the very best options in building services. and prefabricated solutions. 


Email us today to get started on your JBF build!    

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