Team Hempshire

Chad Gendall - Project Lead

XY Hemp Corp

Project Manager- Chad has over seven years of experience in construction project management and estimating. Through those years he has managed a wide range of large scale industrial and commercial projects valued between $0.5 million to $52 million.


A Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) through ASET and a LEED Green Associate. He’s been involved in all construction business operational functions and held major key responsibilities in delivering high profile projects. He develops, implements and manages continuous improvement and lean production best practices. Sustainability is extremely important and him and he approaches all the projects he undertakes with a sustainable and continuous improvement mindset.


In 2013 he co-founded a hemp production company called The XY Hemp Corporation and for the past four years has grown 150 acres organic hemp for grain production in Saskatchewan. He is currently a Project Manager for Token Naturals, a cannabis extraction company based in Edmonton Alberta. Chad has an extreme passion for cannabis/hemp and is always working towards full plant utilization. He is a major advocate for all things hemp/cannabis and works for “HER” – the cannabis plant.


Brian Lavoie - Hempcrete specialist 

Goonieland Permaculture

Hempcrete/ plaster - Brian Is a natural builder and permaculture farmer from Golden BC. He lives in a two-story earthship/hemp house hybrid. Brian is a skilled mechanic and welder with asset management experience. He designed and patented a snowboard carry system for snowmobiles and runs Knight Rider Racks in the winter season.


He is pursuing an opportunity to grow hemp and process medical grade hemp extracts. His wife Nicole (Betty) is a chef that owns a small organic grocery store in Golden with a passion for teaching permaculture and food sustainability. Together they are building a center for permaculture learning called Goonieland Permaculture Farm.

Dave Luxton - PV Systems, design, science

Dlux photography - Dave has BIG passion for science that will better the planet. Background in Materials Science & Engineering @ UofA, Drafting/CAD @ NAIT, PV hybrid systems Solar Energy International, Net Zero Building Science, Passive House Design, CAWST Biosand water filter science and program Implementation, Energy modelling/analysis software(UBC and NRCan), Energy physics/Advanced materials (online 6 years), Permaculture certificate Oregon State, 10 yrs PV for off-grid (India/Tibet) and as local installer. Former professional cinematographer and rock star. Currently pursuing studies in sustainable building and architecture design.

Dion Lefebvre - Project Lead

8th fire innovations

Site Manager- Dion has over seven years in hemp technology development. and project management.   He is a former presenter for Growth Alberta,  Alberta Hub, And the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA).   He's a member of  the International Hemp Builders Association (IHBA).

A pioneer in hempcrete, Dion designed and built the first hemp house in Alberta, and the first known portable hempcrete home in the world.  He consulted on the first code inspected house in western Canada, and has facilitaed workshops & presentation events all over Canada.  Dion is familiar with all aspects of building, and has deep connections in the hemp industry.  His priority focus is solutions for sustainable, and attainable housing.


He is the founder and CEO of 8th Fire Innovations,  His passion is to showcase the potential of industrial hemp as a bio-material, and is always working towards closing the loop for full plant technology development.   

Christina Goodvin - Project Lead

Lead design - Christina has two degrees in mechanical engineering, the first specializing in robotics, machine learning and motion, materials, instrumentation, and developer-level CAD. The second specialization in machine positioning (6-DOF inertial systems) and artificial intelligence. She has worked as a test engineer for implantable electronics, has tested (and driven!) fuel cell engines, and has done it all with QA level documentation skills.


She has always had a talent for writing, and recently achieved her Professional Technical Writing Certificate for the University of Calgary, specializing in science writing. Her ability to process and find meaning in data is legendary. Her talent for explaining complex topics for various audiences is best experienced in-person.


She received her Permaculture training from Verge Permaculture, taught by a P.Eng., and blends permaculture into every job she takes on. Christina currently lives on 40 acres in rural Alberta, where she is building her designs on site and working with the land to establish growing systems to support her family. She is a licensed hemp grower.


Christina currently designs in Sketchup Pro, and has multiple designs in progress, many of which feature hempcrete. She also takes on various side projects that engage the mind, including some side work for NASA.


She has participated in many grant-funded research and analysis projects centered around the performance of sustainable and regenerative building systems, including a strawbale wall assembly guide for building within the BC Building code.


For fun she gives back to her community in various ways, including establishing and running a school community garden at her kids elementary school, and participating in mentoring within her community.


Her goal, in short, is to develop and pass on a sustainable living model such that her children can face a more secure future.


Dori La-V - Plaster specialist

Peter Zuurdeeg. - Hempcrete sciences

Nicole Hartley Bradford - Team development

Matt King - Video/ promotion.

Durell Lefebvre - Construction/ Roofing.

Sharene Olson. Hempcrete construction  

Alexander Fraser- Permaculture design.

Mellody Mossing - Hempcrete, finishing carpentry

Cyndal Johnson - Marketing/ promotions

Carl Martel - Science & innovation

Erin Lindley - Hemp science/ Art

John Smart - Safety/ steel fab

Darren Dierkens - Steel fab 

Vicky Trembley - Human resources.

Tom Hadley - Hempcrete/ Finishing 

Kayla Wilberg -  General labor 

Carlos Vega - Labor

Jessie Johnson - Consulting

Tabitha Ostaffy - Planning

Special Thanks

Justin Rogers

Angele O'grady

Sabine Semmelrock

Gisel Barre

Olivia Johnson

Bonnie McKay

Clayton Kirk

Taylor Will

Daniel Anderson 

Jane McConnachie 

Brittany Dahl

Mitch Raynard

Aaron Barr

Ryma Aneliunas

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